Peter PAIN William ATTRILL William ATTRILL James ATTRILL John ATTRILL Thomas DOWNER Sarah PAIN Mini tree diagram

Mary PAIN1,2,1,1,3

1790 -

Life History


Born in Isle of Wight

22nd May 1791

Baptised in Whitwell, Hampshire, England.1

16th Jan 1811

Married William ATTRILL in Shorewell I of W.3


Birth of son William ATTRILL in Isle of Wight

29th Oct 1817

Birth of son James ATTRILL in Isle of Wight - Kingston.4,5

Aug 1819

Death of William ATTRILL in Chale I of  W

about 1839

Birth of son John ATTRILL in Cowes I o W.6,7

Other facts


Married Thomas DOWNER


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