George ATTRILL Thomas ATTRILL Richard ATTRILL Joseph ATTRILL Lydia ATTRILL Bessie Betsy Elizabeth ATTRILL John ATTRILL George ATTRILL Susan ATTRILL Annie ATTRILL Charles Barton ATTRILL Jane ATTRILL Frank ATTRILL Julia ATTRILL Mary hannah ATTRILL Mini tree diagram

Keziah BARTON2,3,1

27th Apr 18081 - 28th May 18931

Life History

27th Apr 1808

Born in Godshill  IoW.1

10th Dec 1833

Married George ATTRILL in Arreton I O W

16th Apr 1834

Birth of son Thomas ATTRILL in Isle of wight.2,4,1


Birth of son Richard ATTRILL in Cowes I o W

1st Jul 1837

Birth of son Joseph ATTRILL in Isle of Wight.1


Birth of daughter Lydia ATTRILL in South Ausralia


Birth of daughter Bessie Betsy Elizabeth ATTRILL.1


Birth of son John ATTRILL in S Australia.1,5

30th Jul 1844

Birth of son George ATTRILL in S Australia

15th Jun 1846

Birth of daughter Susan ATTRILL in S Australia.1,5

30th May 1848

Birth of daughter Annie ATTRILL.1


Birth of daughter Jane ATTRILL in S Australia


Birth of son Charles Barton ATTRILL

28th Jan 1852

Birth of son Frank ATTRILL


Birth of daughter Julia ATTRILL in South Ausralia.1

24th Sep 1857

Birth of daughter Mary hannah ATTRILL in Bald Hills.3

28th Jun 1866

Death of George ATTRILL in Australia.1

25th Oct 1874

Death of daughter Susan ATTRILL in Port Elliot South Australia.1,5

7th Dec 1886

Death of son Joseph ATTRILL in Adelaide, S Ausralia.1

28th May 1893

Died in Adelaide, South Australia.1

Other facts


Resident in Adelaide.1


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