William ATTRILL Jane ATRILL Henry ATRILL Mini tree diagram

Sarah LONG5,2,6,3,4,7,1,8,6

about 17832,3,4 - 12th May 18631

Life History

about 1783

Born in Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke.2,3,4

28th Nov 1803

Married William ATTRILL in Carisbrooke, Hampshire, England.5,7

26th Jan 1804

Birth of daughter Jane ATRILL in Hampshire, England.6,9,10,11,12,13

about 1813

Birth of son Henry ATRILL in Isle of Wight, Whitwell.2,4,14,15


Resident in Calbourne, Hampshire, England.3


Resident Relationship: Wife in Calbourne, Hampshire, England.2

Jan 1856

Death of William ATTRILL.16


Resident Relationship: Head in Calbourne, Hampshire, England.4

12th May 1863

Died in Isle-of-Wight.1

Other facts


Resident in Carisbrooke, Hampshire, England.5


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