Main Attrill Family Tree

There are several Attrill family trees. This I have called the main tree because it can be traced back the to the original John & Johanna Trill (Trell) in 1530. There are many more Attrill Trees which, unfortunately, cannot be connected to this main tree.  I will add some of these trees as time permits.

This tree is primarily for the Attrill Name. However, to allow for researchers of other surnames which connect to the Attrill name via marriage I have included the parents and siblings of the bride or groom and the children from the female Attrills marriages.


 With a thee this size there is a possibility of errors or that some people have been omitted. If you observe any problems please

Navigating the tree

There is a separate page for each person in the tree. You can find the person you are looking for in the

At the top of the individuals page you will find his immediate family. You can click on individuals to navigate the tree further.

Unfortunate these page do not display very well on Mobile phones.