Canadian Attrills

Early Settlers

Thomas Painting Attrill

According to early records Thomas Painting Attrill was probably the first Attrill in Canada. Born about 1793 in England, possibly Portsmouth,he was serving in the Royal Navy. He was Joined by his wife, Martha (Nee Cheney), and four children – Thomas P, Henry, Caroline & Martha all born in England.

Thomas died at the early age of 41 years 24th July 1834. Martha, her two daughters, Caroline and Martha, and son Thomas, were the only Attrills

listed in the 1851 Canadian federal Census. I believe Henry was in the USA at this time.

Henry married Helen Forester Blackburn, the daughter of James Blackburn & niece of Sir James Campbell of Glasgow on 25 Jan 1848. They had four children – Elizabeth (abt. 1856), Mary (abt. 1864), Grace (abt. 1864) and Edward Chaney (abt. 1879). All were born in the USA.

Martha Married Mr Durand but was soon widowed.

Thomas P Jnr. Never Married

Caroline Married Charles F Spilsbury son of Captain F.B. Spilsbury in 1854.

Henries’ son, Edward Chaney Attrill – the last male descendant of Thomas Painting died in 1907 at the age of 37. As he did not have any children this was

 the end of this Attrill Line in Canada.

Edward Atrill

Edward Atrill born in England abt. 1823 is recorded in the 1871 Canadian Census as widowed. He was living with Emma Jane aged 16 and

Samuel aged 14 both born in Ontario. If these were his children he must have been living in Canada before 1855. They are also recorded in the

1881 census as Attrill. It is believed that Edward was born in Devon England abt 1823, the son of Thomas Atrill, who married Ann Trear on 19th Oct 1841. They had a son William, born in1843.

William Attrill

Believed to be the son of Edward Atrill (above) was born in Devon, England abt.1823. It is believed that they both immigrated to Canada sometime between

 1843 and 1855, probably about 1851 as he does not appear in the English or Canadian censuses for that year.

William Married Mary Blake on 10th Jan 1871. The 1891 Census shows that he had been very busy in the intervening years as he had the followin

children:- Eva (21), Wm (19), Frank (13), Henrietta (8), Hurbert (7), Arthur (5) and Edward (4). Another daughter, Letta M was added in the 1901 1901


This family has obviously contributed to the Canadian & North American Attrill population of today.

Grateful thanks to Lin Month (Nee Atrill), a descendant of William, for the information she supplied regarding Edward & William

John Attrell

John Attrell born England abt. 1839 first appeared in the 1881 Canadian census living with his wife Ann (abt. 1831) and Sons John (abt. 1862), William (abt. 1864), Francis (abt.1866) and Robert (abt 1870). All born were in England.