Australian Attrills

Transported convicts

Some Australian Attrills believe that they are descendants of criminals who were transported to Australia. I can find records for only one attrill who was transported. He was Charles Attrill (Born 1797 Isle of Wight,) a Seaman & was convicted on 15 Oct 1832, in Portsmouth, of ‘Assaulting & preventing in the execution of his duty’ was sentenced to 7 years transportation. He Sailed on the Andromeda 13 Nov 1832 & arrived New South Wales 11 March 1833 & was 'disposed' to Alex Fatherington – Sydney. His certificate of freedom was issued on 16 October 1839. I have not been able to find any records of him after his freedom. However, I do not believe he made a significant contribution to the Australian Attrill population.