Shauna's Project

Shauna is a descendant of of George Attrill & Kezier, one of the early settlers in Australia. As part of her 12 year study she did a project on her family History. The following is and extract, relating to her Attrill family line, of her project.

Through my own line of Attrill’s, I observed that from 1530, John Trell (Trill) Attrill, to 1837, George Attrill’s son, Joseph, the Attrill line was situated in Isle of Wight.

From looking at shipping records and, relatives and their children, I was able to deduce that the first Attrill’s came out to South Australia on the ship Winchester in 1838. This ship carried the first pioneers and settlers bound for Australia, my relatives included. There were 9 Attrill’s that came out on the ship, George, Keziah, and their first three children, Thomas, Richard, and Joseph; and Georges brother, Daniel and his wife, Ann, and first two children, John and James.

George and Keziah settled, with their three sons at the time, on land south of Hindmarsh Tiers. There they had a larger family of 14 children. In order the children were: Thomas, Richard, Joseph, Lydia, Bessy, John, George, Susan, Annie, Jane, Charles, Frank, Julia, and Mary-Hana. The family was very talented with their hands, making many useful items by hand while sitting round an open fire during the evenings.

From the group of 14 Attrill children, only two remained in the southern district, my own descendant John Attrill, and his elder brother Thomas. At Hindmarsh Tiers, 1885, John built a slab home of four rooms, which is still standing to this day. The last Attrill to occupy the house was John’s grandson, George.

Great Nana Mary Clarke’s father, Levi Ernest Attrill, was John’s youngest son. Levi married Zella Hutchison, and they had three children, my 2nd great uncle Bill, 2nd great uncle George, who died July 13th 1991, and Mary, my 92 year old Great Nana.

My own middle name LEA has been passed down from my great, great grandfather Levi Ernest Attrill-

Poppy Clarke: - Brian Lea

Mum: - Brenda Lea

Myself: - Shauna Lea

Levi Attrill worked for the Zinc Corporation saw-mill at Mt. Jagged. A project that he and several others undertook was to build a school, which his company supplied the timber to. He and the other workers lent their bullock teams to help with the erection of the building. The land that the school was built on was owned by Mr. Henry Sheridan, on section 706 Hindmarsh Tiers.

The timber workers and farmer’s children were allowed to attend the Hindmarsh Tiers School. My Great Nan was one of these children, along with her brother’s, Bill and George.

After her Primary schooling, Great Nan Mary Clarke nee Attrill wasn’t allowed to go to high school. Both her brother’s, Bill and George, got offered to attend high school, but refused because of lack of interest. Bill sheared sheep not being very keen on school, and George did farm work.

Levi’s older brother Albert, his son John (Jack), helped to build the Blue Stone Slate path situated in Horseshoe Bay. The slate used for the path was provided by Levi from his farm out at Hindmarsh Tiers at the corner of Pambula Road.

At Horseshoe Bay, halfway around the path towards Boomer Beach, there is a plaque that states,

This path was constructed as a project of the Port Elliot town and foreshore improvement committee completed Nov. 1949.”

Next to the plaque is a hand-made inscription etched into the concrete that says,

J. Attrill

H. Knight



Great Nan Mary Clarke nee Attrill was born in Port Elliot. The house she was born in was originally occupied by an Attrill relative at the time (Uncle Albert (Bert)). The house she is currently occupying is just down the road from her birth house. The ruin of the house has been recently restored to its’ original form and is now occupi

John Attrill 3rd Great Grand-pop

(son of George & Kezier)

Great Grandpop Attrill's team of working horses

Hindmarsh Tiers Attrill

Hindmarsh Tiers, Great Grand-pop Attrill

2nd Great Grand-pop & Aunt Verna

(Levi Ernest Attrill son of John Above.)

Great Grand-pop, Poppy Pete & Uncle Bill

Great Grand-pop, Poppy Pete & Uncle Bill

Great Uncle Bill & Great Uncle George

2nd Great Grand-pop & Livi Attrill

Zella Attrill, Great Nan & George Attrill

Wife Aunt Bub, Son Ken , Uncle Bill Attrill & great Nan Mary

Slate Path

Attrill Road

Grave Stones