Early Settlers

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Two Bothers, Daniel & George, sons of Abraham Attrill & Elizabeth Hobbs where two of the earlier settlers and contributed to the Attrill population in south Australia today. They arrived in Australia on the Winchester in 1838.

Little is known of their early endeavours, but a son William was born to Daniel and his wife Ann (nee Russell) in the Rapid Spring Area in 1841. Five Sections Known as Spring Hill & later Tonto were conveyed to Daniel in 1856. Daniel harnessed the flow of water from Spring Hill and directed it via slate lined channels to other parts of the property. He farmed at Spring Hill until his death in 1882

Daniel & Ann's eldest son married Sarah Moorehouse in 1859. However Sarah died and the children were fostered out. Mary going to Archdeacon and Mrs Morce, another girl to Sarah's sister Mrs Woodcock, and the other two to relatives in Melbourne. To find employment John went to Central Australia and disappeared. It is thought he was murdered by the aborigines. Mary Married Harry Berry and they lived in the district all their lives. Louisa, one of the girls fostered in Melbourne never married and returned to live with her sister Mary Berry.

Daniel & Ann's third child, William, married Catherine, Daughter of Patrick and Margaret Dahill, and worked with his father at Spring Hill where their five children were born Catherine died in 1880 and a housekeeper was employed to look after the children. When his mother, Ann, sold Spring Hill, William went to the Delamere property of Richard Roads, who had married his sister Jane, who was born at Port Adelaide in January 1839. William later moved to Kangaroo Island

GEORGE ATTRILL and Family settled on land South Of Hindmarsh Tiers. The family was skilful with their hands. Of an evening they would sit around an open fire mortising posts for a rail fence, making boots from hides they had tanned, coats and trousers from tanned kangaroo skins, stock whips and furniture.

It is known that the eldest son, Thomas, dressed in suits made from Kangaroo skins up to the turn of the century. Daughter, Lydia, Who later married George Lush, shot Possums, emus and native cats to tan skins and make beautiful rugs. One made from cat skins and trimmed with emu feathers won first prise at the first Exhibition held in Adelaide. There was a chair owned by the family, which Thomas carved from a solid block of she-oak timber.

Thomas Married Sarah Elizabeth Barton from Encounter Bay. The Barton family came from Tasmania in the whaling days and their grandfather, John Barton, lived to be 115 years of age and is buried in the Tabernacle Cemetery. He, at the age of 17years, fought under General James Wolfe at the Battle of Quebec.

Of the 14 Attrill Children only two, Thomas & John, remained in the district. John built a slab home of four rooms at Hindmarsh Tiers in 1885. This building still stands firm over one hundred years after its erection and, in 1986 was occupied by John's grandson George.

Jacob, Brother of Daniel & George followed them to Australia on the Taymouth Castle in 1855 with his wife Ann (Witrow). Unfortunately their infant daughter Elizabeth died during the journey. Jacob & Ann had another daughter Rosa in 1861.

Alfred Fleming Attrill

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Grateful thanks to Claire Duncan, an Australian member of the Attrill Family History society, for passing on the information about Alfred Fleming Attrill.

Alfred Fleming, the son of Daniel and Mary (nee Fleming), was born on Nettlecombe Farm, Whitwell, Isle of Wight on 19 Apr 1849.

On 3 July 1871 he Married Ellen Sheath, daughter of George Sheath and Mary (Draper) at

Shorwell, Isle of Wight and on the 5th July of that year they boarded ‘The Lord Warden’

and arrived in South Australia later that year.

In 1872 Alf, living in Warrnambool, was employed on the railway.

Alf & Ellen had the following Children:

Ada Emma born 10 Aug 1872 Warrnambool, Victoria

Daniel George born 1875 Victoria

James Henry born 1878 Hawkesdale, Victoria

Sophronia Mary born 1880 Hawksdale Victoria

Alfred Frances born 1885 Kirkstall

Rose May born 1888 Kirkstall.

In 1895, 24 years after emigrating, Alf and Ellen bought their own farm of 230 acres at The Sisters and began dairying at their so called ‘Hampshire Dairy’, milking 80 cows by hand. They also had a piggery and cured their own bacon.

Ellen died in 1904 in Terang, Victoria

Alfred died at ‘The Sisters’ in1935