Matha Rebecca Attrill

Effects under £200

14 June 1866

Letters of administration of the personal estate and effects of Martha Rebecca Attrill late of Cheltenham House Ryde Isle of Wight in the county of Southampton. Spinster deceased who died 19 January 1866 at Cheltenham House aforesaid were granted at Winchester to William Attrill of Bembridge in the Isle aforesaid Master Mariner the father and Next of Kin of the said Deceased he being the first sworn.

Thomas Attrill

Effects under £1,500

20 February 1866

The will with two Codicils of Thomas Attrill late of the “India Arms” Inn Gosport in the county of Southampton. Innkeeper deceased who died 21 January 1866 at the “India Arms” Inn aforesaid was proved at Winchester by the oaths of James Wavel of Gosport aforesaid Boot and Shoe Maker the Executors.